shopping bags of food ready to be distributed
Volunteers helping in kitchen at first Lutheran Church Cape Cod
Triptych above altar at First Lutheran Church Cape Cod
First Lutheran members working on church grounds
First Lutheran congregation waving goodbye to members

Who We Are


Is everyone Lutheran at First Lutheran?

Not by a long shot. Members from First Lutheran come from many church backgrounds. Only a third of the membership are life long Lutherans, the other two thirds come from a variety of other Christian churches and even non-christian backgrounds. We are a big tent. At First Lutheran we care less about where your come from, but we care more that you will hear an unrelenting confession of God’s grace and love for all people, for you and for those we disagree with. This is the Gospel or Good News at the very heart of Lutheran Spirituality.


What are your Sunday services like?


Who is your pastor at First Lutheran?

Our pastor is the Reverend Peter Hebert…

What is the space like where you meet?

Our Sanctuary has the charm of old Cape Churches with the modern conveniences. The church is set in the round which gives a warm feeling of family and community, as we raise our voices in singing. And oh do we love to sing.

How can I support this ministry?

Pray for us. You can also consider offering a gift of financial support.

Are there children at First Lutheran?

Yes!  We prefer our kids to be actively involved in our worship life as full participants. We have a growing number of young families of all configuration with young children. There is Godly Play which is our Sunday School, taught in Montessori style in an open classroom. The kids love it, and so do the teachers. Children 3 yrs through 5th grade have Godly Play. Confirmation aged kids grades 6-8, are invited to help out as needed in the classroom.

What are this community’s practices around the Eucharist?

All baptized Christians are invited to the Lord’s Table to receive the bread and wine at communion, which for us is the body and blood of Christ. Christ is the host, we the servers. There are gluten-free and non-alcoholic options available.

Is this church part of a denomination?

Yes. The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.


lit devotional candles at First Lutheran Cape Cod



Our Mission Statement

To nurture the spiritual growth of each person at First Lutheran Church; empowering our faith community to know Christ more fully and to take bold steps to make Christ known.