From Our Pastor


Love has come and never will leave us! Love is life everlasting and free. Love is Jesus within and among us. Love is the peace our hearts are seeking. Love! Love! Love is the gift of Christmas. Love! Love! Praise to you, God on high! (Love has Come, ELW 292)


As a child growing up with French Christmas carols, the carol “Bring Your Torches Jeanette Isabella” was a staple of our celebrations. This along with “Il est ne le Divine Infant” were two of my mother’s favorite carols, as they are now for me. What I love about both carols, is they capture the earthiness of this holy season. The picture they both paint of Jesus in the stable is neither sentimental nor unapproachable. But encourage us to come see this wonderous thing that has taken place just as if it had taken place in our own village, with a young woman from our town giving birth.


In this holy season of Advent, our preparation for the coming of incarnate love into the world is as real and necessary now as it was 2018 years ago. The beauty of Advent, and the reason we do not jump to Christmas carols with the beginning of December, is that it reminds us that the work of God in this world is not yet finished. That the reign of God is both present and still to come. It is a reminder that we have a real role to play in the bringing of the Incarnate one into our world. The first two weeks of Advent tell us to prepare for the coming of Christ into the world again. It uses the incarnation of the Word to compel and propel us forth to share the Love Incarnate. Of course, this can be seen as nothing more than an abstraction, and if it remains there, we have failed. We are called to be the face, hands, and feet of Christ’s love in the world, witnessing to the power of that Love that changes hearts, lifts the lowly, feeds the hungry, welcomes the outcast, shelters the homeless, heals the sick, and comforts the lonely. Advent calls us to give to others out of our abundance.


Our theme for Advent is “Sure on This Shining Night.” It reminds us that on these crisp cool starry filled nights of Cape Cod, we are called to reach out to one another in love and to be Christ to one another. It is Christ’s love that shines on this night. Christ our morning star; a star so bright that it casts shadows, dispelling the darkness with the light of Love.


As we know, we cannot buy love. It is given, a simple and free give that starts in the great generosity of God, who emptied of Godhood, came to us in a small simple baby, born to one of the village woman. No one really knew what happened to her, since she kept the news of the Angels quiet, pondering them in her heart. This baby was a miracle of Love, and continues to be Love to all, borne again and again through that same love we pass on.


Come! Celebrate! Let the rafters of the Church raise with our song.