Sacred Journey

The Sacred Journey is a worshiping community of First Lutheran that seeks to explore and affirm an Lutheran heritage creatively and with a particular inclination toward those seeking to explore spirituality from a Christian perspective. We seek to create an inviting and inclusive space for worship, inquiry, prayer, and formation while encouraging service to others. Holy Communion is at the heart of our weekly worship, and this is offered in a setting of deep prayer and meditation through the Via Sacra, or sacred journey that brings us out of our pews prayerfully and draws us deeper into the Scriptures. We worship with a creative and flexible liturgy that seeks to intersect with artists through original works.

Our Mission Statement

Inviting all to extend Christ’s love in faith, fellowship and service

Who We Are

We are a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. As Lutherans we believe that our relationship to God is based solely upon God’s Grace made real to us in the life, death, and resurrection of God’s Son, Jesus. Though God’s Word and the Sacraments, that love is freely communicated and given to each of us. Daily we can grow in that new life that God’s grace creates in us. In thanksgiving, we seek to share with others what we have first received by word (witness) and service. Worship, where we hear God’s Word proclaimed and experience the Sacraments, is central to our life together as is also prayer, Bible study, mutual support, fellowship and service to those in need in our community and the world.